Remembrance Ceremonies

Our Remembrance Ceremonies create beautiful opportunities to honour your loved ones in a meaningful way. Twice a year we host a summer and winter ceremony, both created with love and intention. Our ceremonies allow participants to take time to reflect on their grief, honour memories, and connect with loved ones who are here and those who have died. Each ceremony incorporates various ritual, which are actions done in purposeful ways that symbolize something much more than the acts themselves. Rituals give purpose to action and serve to connect us to something else, often including those who we have lost.

Each of our ceremonies is non-denominational, and open to all residents of the Tri-Cities, Anmore and Belcarra, not only those served by our Hospice Residence.

Pebbles & Petals

A self-guided ritual kit to help you connect to your loved one, and the natural world.

Celebrate a Life

Welcome your loved one into the holiday season with an evening of music, readings and community.