Remembrance Ceremonies

Our remembrance ceremonies are unique opportunities to honour your loved ones in a meaningful way. They are open to all residents of the Tri-Cities, Anmore and Belcarra, not only those served by our Hospice Residence. Both events are designed to welcome people of all ages, though parents may find our Pebbles & Petals celebration to be more relaxed for their children. All of our events are non-denominational.

Celebrate A Life

The idea of living with your grief through the holidays can be overwhelming. Engaging in an opportunity to welcome your loved one into the holiday season can be a source of comfort.

Celebrate a Life is a remembrance ceremony held annually every December. Individuals bring a photograph of their loved one, and light a candle in their honor. The evening is comprised of beautiful music from local musicians, as well as handpicked readings to honor your grief.

Pebbles & Petals

Nature can provide solace in grief. At our summer ceremony, we invite participants to connect to their grief through nature.

Pebbles & Petals is held annually every June. The morning begins with an indoor ceremony comprised of readings and poems to honor your grief. Following the ceremony, participants will select a pebble and a petal as we continue outdoors to conclude the morning with a grief ritual by the water’s edge.