Hospice Programs


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, our complimentary palliative care programs and services are temporarily suspended. For the latest information, please contact our Hospice Manager, Sylvie Jensen at 604-949-2270.
Programs such as the “Art Cart” gave our Mom such joy and purpose.


This unique program offers a joyful opportunity to engage in an art-making experience that allows for moments of respite with other family members and friends, while reducing stress and anxiety.

Our volunteer practitioners offer therapeutic touch, an ancient healing practice designed to help people relax and relieve pain. Depending on comfort level, therapeutic touch is offered through the laying of hands on, or close, to your body.

This soothing foot massage, provided by our volunteer Zera, will relax your entire body.

Daily from 9am to 9pm, our hospice volunteers provide emotional support to patients and family members. They are present to listen, reassure without giving advice, share worries and concerns, hold a hand or just sit quietly.

A volunteer can help review a patient’s life, explore meaning and value, and record these memories through audio and/or video. In addition, our volunteers can help create a physical memory of your loved one’s hand in a clay project.

Performances by visiting musicians take place in the Great Room twice a week. The performance schedule is posted on the wall beside the dining room table and inside your loved one’s bedroom, so family members will be able to plan to share this experience with their loved ones.

Pet therapy volunteers (animals and their humans!) provide social interaction, sensory stimulation and respite for the soul. For some it offers a point of conversation to reminisce about their pets or creates a simple connection through love of animals.

A haircut can make a loved one feel better and is a lovely act of self-care. When requested, our volunteer Sonia will come on-site and provide complimentary haircuts for patients.

Following lunch every Friday, our tea cart volunteers set up a delicious assortment of goodies, served on fine china alongside a cup of tea or coffee. This tea cart is for the enjoyment of all patients and guests.

As part of our companionship support, if requested, our volunteers may provide up to 24 hours of vigil support during the last 72 hours of life.

Created by our very own volunteers, our virtual reality program is an opportunity for patients and family members to be transported to amazing, immersive environments from the comfort of their bed. Patients can experience scuba diving, strolling through the streets of Paris, or even take part in a safari!