Phone of the Wind

In 2011, garden designer Itaru Sasaki built the first Kaze no Denwa ("phone of the wind") in the town of Otsuchi, Japan. Initially created in 2010 to help him cope with his cousin’s death, it was opened to the public the following year after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami killed over 15,000 people in the Tōhoku region. Built to provide solace and a place to process grief, it has seen thousands of visitors since its creation, and there are now replica Phones of the Wind, worldwide.

Inspired by Sasaki, Crossroads Hospice Society sought a way to bring this to life in Pioneer Memorial Park, alongside our Labyrinth Healing Garden. After reaching out to the City of Port Moody, Robbie, Superintendent of Parks, alongside Roy, Lead Carpenter of Community Services, absolutely astounded us with this gorgeous creation. They listened to our vision, and used their generosity, creativity and massive hearts to bring it to life in our Garden.

We hope that The Phone of the Wind provides an opportunity for grievers to connect with loved ones. If you are looking for some guidance on how to get started during your visit to the Phone of the Wind, click here.


Photo Credit: Ben Nelms/CBC


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