Celebrate a Life

Celebrate a Life is our annual remembrance ceremony in early December. For many grievers the thought entering the holiday season without a loved one can be overwhelming and daunting. Celebrate a Life creates an opportunity to welcome your loved one into the holiday season which can become a source of comfort as you carry them in your heart.

This remembrance ceremony invites individuals to bring a photograph of their loved one to be displayed through the evening, and light a candle in their honour. The evening is comprised of beautiful music from local musicians, as well as handpicked readings to honour your grief.

During the evening, participants will also write their loved one’s name on a lovely wooden heart. At the end of the ceremony, the hearts are gathered and a few weeks later, will be placed in our Tree of Hearts in the center of our Labyrinth Healing Garden in Pioneer Memorial Park. Those who would like to take the opportunity to place their loved one’s heart in our tree are welcomed to join us (details on meeting date and time will be communicated at the ceremony).

All through the darker winter months, individuals are welcomed to visit the garden, locate their loved one’s name in the Tree, and find a glimmer of light and love. Once Spring returns, all the hearts are lovingly relocated to our memorial vases at our Crossroads Main Office.

This year, Celebrate a Life takes place on Tuesday December 6th 2022. Sign up for our mailing list to receive information on upcoming events, including this remembrance ceremony later this year.