Adult Programs & Services

We are so glad that you are interested in our grief support programs and services. To access our services, a meeting with our Bereavement Coordinator is the first step. This meeting invites an opportunity for us to learn about your grief experience, and to explore which programs may be a good fit for you. Our program and services are provided by our Bereavement Coordinators, as well as specially trained and experienced Volunteers.

Please note: We are currently experiencing an increased demand for our grief services. There is an approximate wait time of four weeks to arrange an initial session to meet with our bereavement coordinator. Thank you for your understanding.

Grief Support Programs and Services:

One-to-One Support

Grief needs to be witnessed and acknowledged. However, it can be hard to find someone to hold a space for our grief. Often, many grievers will keep emotions and thoughts to themselves, as they don’t want to feel like they are a burden to others. At Crossroads, we know the importance of having a safe space to explore your grief.

Our Adult Bereavement Coordinator provides one-to-one emotional support sessions. These sessions can take place in-person at our main office, virtually over Zoom, or over the phone. Our Coordinator will also lend guidance in determining which of our other grief support services would be a good fit for you on your journey.

Volunteer Grief Support Companions

When life gets in the way, it can feel like there is no time to sit and acknowledge your grief. When this happens, it can be helpful to carve out a specific time each week to pause, breath, and process your grief. Once a week for up to 12 weeks, you will have the chance to meet one of our specially trained Support Companions. They offer reassurance and encouragement by companioning through grief. Within these sessions, you will have the space to talk about every piece of your grief without fear of being judged or censored.

Support Groups

In the safety of a group, the bereaved can share and learn from others who have experienced the death of a loved one. Our groups are offered regularly throughout the year. We have a variety of support groups, including closed groups (the same participants each week), drop-in groups (open to anyone) and special
activity groups (e.g.: yoga, creative writing, etc.). Past closed and drop-in groups have included loss of a spouse, parent, and substance-related passing.

Walking Through Grief

Our walking group, held weekly on Fridays in Port Moody, is open to bereaved individuals who have lost a loved one. It is a time to walk and talk at a relaxed pace with others who are sharing this experience. There are countless benefits to being
outdoors, so we explore our natural surroundings as we explore grief.

We are offering Bereaved Parents Walking Through Grief group during certain times of the year, please ask us about the next schedule for this group.

Remembrance Ceremonies

During the year, we host two remembrance ceremonies. In the summer months, we host Pebbles & Petals, while December marks our Celebrate a Life ceremony. Click here for more information on these free, non-denominational ceremonies.

Labyrinth Healing Garden

Our Garden is the perfect place to meditate and reflect on your grief journey. The garden is open to the public and located inside Pioneer Memorial Park in Port Moody. Each winter, in the center of Labyrinth, our ‘Tree of Hearts’ blossoms with the names of honored loved ones. Click here to learn more about our Garden.

Information Packages

A series of four support packages offer information, understanding and reassurance about the grief process. These packages have been designed to include a range of information which may be of use to you. Understanding what may be happening for you in your bereavement will not lessen your pain, but it can help bring comfort. Often, we hear grievers think they are “going crazy.” We are here to let you know that whatever it is you are going through is normal. As every relationship is unique, each grief journey is unique.

In our packages, you will find articles on understanding grief reactions and grieving styles, coping with challenges, handling comments from non-grievers, the importance of self-care, finding balance in grief, the impact of rituals, and so much more.

Please note: You do not need to meet with our Bereavement Coordinator to receive our information packages. To request a package, email

Lending Libraries

Our wide range of books about grief and loss are available for loan from our library, located at our Crossroads main office. We also have our own digital library for those who prefer to read e-books. Our collections include books for spouse, parent, child, and sibling loss, as well as specific collections on traumatic losses like suicide and substance-related passing. In addition, we have materials on self-care and spirituality, as well as books for children and teenagers.

Please note: You do not need to meet with our Bereavement Coordinator to access our libraries. To borrow a book (whether from our hard-copy or eBooks collection) email

Youth and Young Adult Support Services

Our Youth and Young Adult services focus on those between the ages of 13 and 29 who have experienced a loss. We provide a variety of services. To learn more, click here.