Tree of Hearts

Our Tree of Hearts is the name for the beautiful maple in the center of our Labyrinth Healing Garden. From December to March, our tree becomes adorned with hearts from our Celebrate a Life ceremony. Each heart holds the name of someone who is missed and loved deeply. Just before the Spring blossoms begin, we lovingly relocate the hearts to memorial vases at our Crossroads main office.

During the rest of the year, we encourage visitors to sit beneath the tree on one of our benches and take in the natural world around you. There have been many studies that demonstrate the powerful impact of nature on the body, mind and spirit. While you are visiting, try to engage your senses and bring yourself into the present moment.

What do you see – what colors surround you, what shades of green, are there any birds or other creatures?

What do you hear – is there birdsong, are the leaves rustling, what sound are the raindrops making as they land?

What do you smell – is there freshly cut grass, the smell of a new rain fall?

What do you feel – is there a breeze tickling your cheeks, do you feel sunshine on your skin, are the leaves around you soft or ridged?

“Wild nature, in contrast to the urban landscape, is a place that invites the grieving to grieve. It does not seek to silence a damaged, confused heart or distract it with noise and activity.”
- Freya Latona