Support for Youth
and Young Adults (ages 13 – 29)

When someone you love has died, everything changes. Grief can be terrifying. How do you know what you are experiencing is normal?

Here’s a hint: Whatever you are experiencing is normal.

  • Crying all the time? Normal.
  • Not crying at all? Normal.
  • Feeling super angry at the person who died? Normal.
  • Wishing you had five more minutes with your person? Normal.
  • Wanting to be surrounded by people? Normal.
  • Wanting to be alone? Normal.

Honestly, grief sucks.

Nothing could have prepared you for this – there are so many unknowns. But what we do know is that to move through grief, it helps to talk about what you are feeling, in a space you won’t feel judged.

Our Youth and Young Adult Bereavement Coordinator will meet with you one-on-one to give you that space. She can meet you at our Support Center, and also at your school to make things easier for you. You can reach her through email at or by calling 604-945-0606.