Willow Workshops™: End-of-Life Education and Planning


Death is the one thing in life we’re most certain of, yet most people would do anything to avoid talking or even thinking about it. For most of us, it takes death itself—whether recent or impending—to prompt us to bravely consider the reality of our mortality. People in their dying days often speak of experiencing enormous growth and transformation. Dying can be a time of truth seeking and risk taking. In the face of death, some people tend to focus on what gives (or has given) their life meaning. The truth is, you don’t need to wait until someone dies or you’re faced with a life-threatening or life-limiting illness to experience these benefits. Your mortality is an opportunity in disguise.


Crossroads Hospice Society is committed to educating our communities about death, dying and grief. 


We are proud to have a Licensed Willow End-of-Life Educator™ on our Crossroads team. Our Willow EOL Educator™ can help your organization explore the reality of your mortality through custom heart-centered workshops. These workshops are a wonderful opportunity to reach your clients and communities, and are perfect opportunities for team building and staff and development.



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What area of your mortality do you want to explore?