Legacy Love Letters & Heart Wills™



In this learning area people reflect on their lives, consider their legacy and write lasting messages to those they love and future generations. In doing so, they transform relationships, create meaningful keepsakes, and produce a manifesto for living.

Each workshop below can be offered on its own, or together for a rich and engaging four-part series.

The 5-Minute Legacy Love Letter™

With six meaningful prompts, the 5-Minute Legacy Love Letter™(available for free in the Willow shop)! helps you write lasting messages to important people in your life, and transform those relationships in the here and now. In this workshop, you’ll be warmed up and guided to write at least one Legacy Love Letter™ to someone in your life. We also discuss how this powerful tool can be used for people supporting or assisting others.

Writing Your Heart Will™ as Manifesto For Living

Your Heart Will™ is a tool to help you reflect on your life and create lasting messages for those you love and for future generations. Sometimes referred to as an Ethical Will, Spirit Will or Legacy Letter, your Heart Will™ can be given to specific people at the end of your life, or be shared at a goodbye ritual or ceremony after you die. You might even choose to share your Heart Will™ with others before you die! Writing your Heart Will™ is also a powerful discovery process that supports you to live and love fully. In essence, your Heart Will™ can serve as a manifesto for living to ground and guide you when you need it.

How to Create and Live Your Legacy

No matter what kind of life you live, how much money you have, or what you think of your accomplishments, consider that you have a legacy. Inside a thoughtful and dynamic group process you will reflect on what you want your legacy to be and what actions you can take now to create and live that legacy.

Remembering and Being Remembered

In Remembering and Being Remembered we’ll look at the who, what, how and why of remembering. Why do you remember people who have died? How do you remember them and how are you impacted by either remembering or not remembering? This workshop will also remind us that we each have an impact on the lives of others.