Conscious Health, Personal Care and Final Wishes: A Willow Workshop™

Either consciously or unconsciously, our past informs our present. Your previous experiences with illness, dying, death, grief, and how someone was cared for after they died—including any planning that was or wasn’t in place—have undoubtedly shaped your personal desires and informed your sense of what’s possible and what’s not. We all have hopes and fears about what might happen (to us and/or the people we leave behind) in the time leading up to our death, at the moment of our death, and after we die.

 Based on three tools from Willow’s holistic and pragmatic workbook, 7 Tools for Making Sense of Life & Death, this Willow Workshop™ will ensure that your choices around end-of-life planning reflects your values and priorities. Whether you have days or decades to live, thinking about and preparing for your death will change how you die and inspire you to live your best life now