Give Monthly

Make an impact year-round by becoming a monthly donor. Your generosity will leave a positive, lifelong impact on your community and the families that Crossroads Hospice Society supports. Any monthly donation amount is greatly appreciated.

The benefits of monthly giving

Monthly donations play a significant role in helping enhance compassionate, quality care for people with life-limiting illness and grief support for our community. Giving monthly:

  • provides a steady stream of funds that we can count on. And ultimately, that provides us with a dependable base of support we can use throughout the year;
  • ensures your donation is invested in long-term projects and initiatives such as compassionate care, medical equipment, and support programs;
  • supports the day-to-day work of Crossroads Hospice Society
  • demonstrates an on-going commitment to people with life-limiting illness and their families and support to individuals who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

How it works

  • Sign-up below through our website, or download our Monthly Giving Form.
  • Each month, your donation will automatically be withdrawn from your bank account or credit card, and put straight to work.
  • Annually, you will receive a single tax receipt.
  • You’re done! It’s that easy

After signing up, we will send you a welcome email to familiarize you with Crossroads Hospice Society and how your monthly support will be make a difference. Twice a year, we’ll also send you our newsletter to share how your ongoing support is having an impact! And remember, you can change your monthly donation amount or cancel at any time – just contact us!

Ways to get started

Click here to donate by credit card online now

Click Monthly Giving Program – Crossroads Hospice Society to donate offline by filling out our Monthly Giving form